Growing a Startup

Yesterday I was attending a lecture delivered by Sergey Eremin, Microsoft. He told us a lot of interesting things – how to launch a startup, how to become an enterpreneur in software development area, what kinds of business models are, where one can take money to launch a project and so on.
He also referred us to lots of startup support programs powered by Microsoft and russian government as well.
Sergey showed us a very interesting presentation made by a teacher from Colorado and reused by Sony Corporation. One of variants is available at YouTube (created in 2008, 3rd edition) :
It is worth watching! Many interesting and amazing facts proving that we live in exponential times!
Sergey mentioned a very famous in IT-sphere person – Guy Kawasaki. His blog is available at The author of some books, including the well-known “The Art of the Start”, this man can inspire people with an idea, he can persuade people in taking part in innovative projects and aim them for striving for success.
Young people in Russia (20-30 years old) are afraid moslty of risks that their project can fail. At the second place among possible obstacles is the fact that perspective men do not know where to get money for starting the project. Fortunately, now there are a lot of idea contests, iCamps and other meetings where creative people can meet with potential investors and offer ideas to them.
Sergey recommended us to read the following books to look with anothr eye upon the  world:
1. The Art of the Start. Guy Kawasaki
2. The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century. Thomas L. Fridman

Sergey invited us to take part in Global Technology Symposium in Silicon Valley, USA, which is held March 24-26, 2010. A lot of initiative people come to GTS and a lot of possible institute and angel investors too. However, this event will be more effective for enterprising people already having an idea to realize.

So, the summary of our amazing lecture on IT entrepreneurship is:
-To start a project, you should have a business idea and a technical idea as well
-If you have a really good idea – money is not a problem
-You should meet with inverstors, other initiative people to get more possibilities to start a project
-You should study – anyway, one cannot make a good project without education

Thank you for the information, Sergey!

P.S. Sergey Eremin helds a blog in Computerra magazine: (Russian). He is an intelligent, erudite and charming person.


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