Documentation in Agile Projects

I have an idea of preparing a report for SEC(R) 2010 about how to use Wikis for software and software project documentation getting the maximal profits from this technology. Wikis are the most suitable instrument for agile projects, where developers should rogirously economy resources and spend so little time for documentation as possible.
I would like to demonstrate all principles of effective agile documentation in the Confluence wiki system.

So, the questions are:
Is such a subject really interesting and possible to demonstrate to the public?
What aspects would you like to see and find out from this report?

SEC(R) stands for Software Engineering Conference (Russia), it is an annual conference with English and Russian speakers describing and discussing various issues of software engineering and development.

SEC(R) 2010 (Russian version of the web site, English version is under construction)
SEC(R) 2009 (English version of the web site created for the previous conference)


One thought on “Documentation in Agile Projects

  1. Hallo Katya

    That will be an awesome presentation! One thing about wikis for agile technical documentation is that wikis are still “geeky” enough to attract developers. 😉

    In an agile environment even more than in waterfall, it’s really useful to have developer input directly into the documentation. The technical writers can then tidy it up and expand on it. We do find that a wiki is easier and more attractive for developers to update than the more typical technical writing authoring environments.

    Good luck with your presentation. You’ll be a star!

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