Tekom – Great Community for Technical Communicators

Today I have discovered a large international community for technical communicators – Tekom. It seems to be interesting. It performs conferences and exibitions, accredits educational course providers and does much more work on promoting our proffession – technical writer.
Tekom is a German organization. It has a bunch of useful articles on the official web site (English version is available): Tekom.de

Truly, it would be awesome to take part in the annual Tekom’s conference on technical communication. Anyone can send an interesting article or presentation to introduce at the conference.

Unfortunately, the paper submission deadline has already passed in this year (13 March). However, we can just attend the event in this year:)
This year Tekom’s conference will be hold from 3 to 5 November 2010 in Rhein-Main-Hallen, Wiesbaden.
For more information about the conference, see tcworld 2010 conference.

As I found Tekom I think about possible opportunities of improving my tech writing and communication skills. I search Tekom’s web site for learning courses and professional certifications, but found nothing.

Can anyone advice any certification programs? Which are the best and well-known? Where to go to advance professional skills in technical writing?


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