Workstation in the Cloud

My friend Mic, a programmer, raised an interesting theme – the only thing he does not still use in the cloud is IDE.
Actually, there are all required applications in the browser now – online radio, news, collaboration tools, docs, e-mail, instant messaging, video…
So it is enough to an ordinary user to have a simple desktop with a web browser and broaband Internet connection. The user does not need to install many applications, he may not worry about losing the information permanently in case of a hard disk crash – all data will remain on remote servers.

– What about developers? – my friend thought. Are we able to organize a programmer’s work with only software as a service and web browser?

We almost can. It seems that the last step remains -currently, we have no only suitable IDE as a service to be able to organize a terminal work place.

The Atlassian company is so progressive, I always watch for their new ideas and projects. Particularly, Atlassian offers Confluence subscriptions as a service, which frees small companies from necessity of having their own wiki installed on their infrastructure.
Recently we (Mic and I) also saw an interesting announcement – JIRA Studio is available as a Google App and can be integrated with a corporative Google domain. See more JIRA Studio Hosted.

So the only IDE is still not in the cloud, as we have wiki, issue tracker, code storage, project planning in the cloud yet?
Mic analysis current offerings of SaaS IDE in his blog.

There are various problems of private data protection, licensing with cloud IDE. But how long will we wait for a robust solution, which will burst out the software development organization?

As for technical communicators, tech writers could start terminal authoring right know with Confluence Hosted or other SaaS documentation solutions, which already available in the market.


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