Atlassian Doc Sprint Online 2010

This weekend I took part in Doc Sprint 2010 – the first crowdsourcing event hold by Atlassian. The event goal was preparing a quick guide on one of the Atlassian’s products – JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo or other.

It was very fun to join atlassians and other participants by San Francisco time, which is equal to MSK-10 h (by November, 5). As an alternative was Sydney’s time, which was not much better – MSK+10 h (or so).

I read about the event from Sarah Maddox’ blog. She is one of lead tech writers at Atlassian, she also was one of the organizers of sprint.

I was one of the remote sprint participants. Atlassians engaged us to plan sprinting a month or two before the event. Each sprinter added preferred themes to a special Wish list page and then chose one theme discussed with atlassians to write a guide on it.

We started at November,4 from a kick-off webinar and short introduction of participants. We used GoToMeeting and I liked the service.

Finally, I prepared a topic ‘Confluence Plugins for Technical Writers’, which is available here.

After the event we shared retrospectives, Atlassians also published our photos on Flickr.

As for me – this sprint was a chance to live communicate with atlassians, to go deep in their products and good documentation style.

Thanks all!


2 thoughts on “Atlassian Doc Sprint Online 2010

  1. Hallo Katya

    It was awesome to have you taking part in our doc sprint. Thank you so much for the work you did, the feedback you gave and your enthusiasm and dedication to technical writing. I personally enjoyed “meeting” you on the wiki, after swapping comments and blog posts for so long. 🙂

    To see all the photos on Flickr, people can search for the tag #AtlassianDocSprint

    See on on the wiki!

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