Техническая коммуникация и документирование ПО

Сегодня второй день Зимней Школы по программной инженерии для выпускников ВУЗов'11, на которой я представила свой доклад о технической коммуникации и документировании ПО. Презентацию можно посмотреть здесь: Техническая коммуникация и документирование ПО.pps (PowerPoint 2003 file)


I’m on SECR 2010!

SEC (R) - is an annual Software Engineering Conference, which will be taken for the 6th time this year. The key persons of the industry traditionally visit the event. Grady Booch, Ivar Jacobson, Lars Bak, Yuri Gurevich, Steve Masters are among the key speakers of the last years.

Орфографический словарик: телекоммуникации

В документации, которую я пишу, часто используются сложные слова из области телекоммуникаций, управления проектами. Ниже представлена небольшая подборка слов по орфографическому словарю, опубликованному на gramota.ru

Tekom – Great Community for Technical Communicators

Today I have discovered a large international community for technical communicators - Tekom. It seems to be interesting. It performs conferences and exibitions, accredits educational course providers and does much more work on promoting our proffession - technical writer. Tekom is a German organization. It has a bunch of useful articles on the official web … Continue reading Tekom – Great Community for Technical Communicators

Documentation in Agile Projects

I have an idea of preparing a report for SEC(R) 2010 about how to use Wikis for software and software project documentation getting the maximal profits from this technology. Wikis are the most suitable instrument for agile projects, where developers should rogirously economy resources and spend so little time for documentation as possible. I would … Continue reading Documentation in Agile Projects

Introduction to Software Documentation

Recently I was delivering a report on software documentation to my groupmates at the university, who are also employed in IT industry, about the latest trends in our professional area. The report proved to be interesting. So I decided to extend it by adding some more information, which will be useful for beginners getting started … Continue reading Introduction to Software Documentation