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Техническая коммуникация и документирование ПО

Сегодня второй день Зимней Школы по программной инженерии для выпускников ВУЗов’11, на которой я представила свой доклад о технической коммуникации и документировании ПО. Презентацию можно посмотреть здесь:
Техническая коммуникация и документирование ПО.pps (PowerPoint 2003 file)


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Atlassian Doc Sprint Online 2010

This weekend I took part in Doc Sprint 2010 – the first crowdsourcing event hold by Atlassian. The event goal was preparing a quick guide on one of the Atlassian’s products – JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo or other.

It was very fun to join atlassians and other participants by San Francisco time, which is equal to MSK-10 h (by November, 5). As an alternative was Sydney’s time, which was not much better – MSK+10 h (or so).

I read about the event from Sarah Maddox’ blog. She is one of lead tech writers at Atlassian, she also was one of the organizers of sprint.

I was one of the remote sprint participants. Atlassians engaged us to plan sprinting a month or two before the event. Each sprinter added preferred themes to a special Wish list page and then chose one theme discussed with atlassians to write a guide on it.

We started at November,4 from a kick-off webinar and short introduction of participants. We used GoToMeeting and I liked the service.

Finally, I prepared a topic ‘Confluence Plugins for Technical Writers’, which is available here.

After the event we shared retrospectives, Atlassians also published our photos on Flickr.

As for me – this sprint was a chance to live communicate with atlassians, to go deep in their products and good documentation style.

Thanks all!


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